About me


Born in 1981, Silvio graduated in Aesthetic Philosophy at the University of Turin. He started to work as a photographer during his studies, digging into the concept of reality on an intellectual and visual level. Reflecting on the nature of the object, he pictures reality, disclosing its unveiled manifestations, turning them inside out.

Silvio worked and lived in Torino, Aarhus and Utrecht. He is now based in Groningen. He collaborated with galleries, and cultural institutions in Turin, Rome, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leeuwarden. Each city is a different angle, a different observation point, a different take on reality.

On the side, he works as an architecture and event photographer. That’s an alternative way of observing society, trying to be a lens zooming in and out, getting away and coming back.



Layers of reality. Blink after blink after blink. Each glimpse an opportunity to reflect. Each layer a deflection from simplicity. Each angle its own variation. The juxtaposition of different perspectives turns the object into a subject, taking away the film between stillness and movement.

Not mere elements to observe, but a square to dialogue with, a staircase to fumble with, a face to be observed by, outdoor spaces to get lost in. His work is a cacophony of voices, a lull made of distorted perspectives, a contribution to complicate perceptions.

His work sets up a fluid tie between the spectator and the recollection of a space, of a person. His practice is a playful and light spell to go deep and get lost. Through his pictures, Silvio shows his understanding of reality: an ever changing multifaceted relationship.

texts by Sergio Matalucci and Irene Campolmi