About Silvio



Silvio Zangarini, is a Utrecht-based Italian photographer specialized in architecture and interiors.

A philosophy graduate, Silvio has always been fascinated by the concept of architecture as the product of the complex relation between man and space, and such fascination is reflected in all his work. His photographs reveal new perspectives, unfolding unexpected feelings, whether the subjects are public spaces, buildings or architectures, private spaces like house interiors and palace staircases, or restaurant and boutiques.

On the strength of high observation skills and attention to the detail, Silvio Zangarini offers his gaze and technique to architects and interior design specialists, providing them with a personal and unique approach to professional photography.

His love for architecture and interiors design comes also very clearly out from his fine art projects, which have been exhibited widely in Europe. From “Stone Deserts”, which explored the nocturnal dimension of Italian piazzas, to the acclaimed “Stunning Staircases”, Silvio’s eye dived in the symmetric harmony to learn a lesson about space, humanity and culture, where architecture and beauty are both the tool and the aim of his investigation.

Even when experimenting with his non-architectural works, the same relation between human presence and its surroundings still plays a major role in Silvio’s way of seeing and, consequently, of capturing reality.